M3 Celebrating 10 Years

It’s 10 years since M3 Project was set up and on 28th June we held a Celebration Party.  We asked our guests to tell us what M3 had meant to them and here are some of the comments we received:

  • It used to mean home.  Now it means a helping hand and a group of good friends.  (Former service user M3 Lodgings)
  • It meant getting my kids back and becoming a mother again. (Former Service User Teenage Family Project)
  • A success story due wholly to the dedication and expertise of the staff and Host families.  (Former Trustee)
  • Its a way of helping others who did not get the start in life that I did.  (Current Host)
  • It enables me to make use of my spare rooms now the family have gone and to support and see changes in young people. (Current Host)




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