Lodgings Case Study – Dan

Dan was kicked out of home following the breakdown of his parent’s relationship and substance misuse in his family home. Without a network of friends in a position to support him, he quickly found himself with nowhere to sleep and was referred to M3 by the local Housing Options team.

As a homeless 17 year old, Dan was considered to be in priority need for housing and luckily was able to access our accommodation quickly, being placed with one of our Householders near to the area he was familiar with. He had no money, very few belongings but in the first few weeks was supported to claim benefits in his own right and maintain his college place amidst the chaos.

Dan is now settled into his lodgings placement and is finishing off his college studies before deciding what his next move will be. He has maintained contact with his parents throughout this period and is looking forward to moving into more independent accommodation.

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