Newsbites – Winter 2017

Universal Credit

The last few years have seen considerable changes to the Welfare System that have been affecting young people as they have come into operation. Not least of these is Universal Credit which as it nears full roll out across the country, brings a major change to the way young people receive financial support when estranged from family. The young people we support rely on benefits whilst they undertake education or training and before they are able to become established in the world of work.
Universal Credit, whilst welcome for its support in making the transition to paid employment easier, does present issues of budgeting for a monthly payment as well as the monthly payment of rent direct to a young person. Our young people can and do make alterations to this monthly and direct payment system but the process of claiming is still hugely complicated and very difficult for a young person without financial skills to navigate. Our support workers spend considerable time helping young people with their benefits and money and often make the difference between a young person having no money and getting into debt and becoming able to budget and manage their money.

New staff

We welcomed Beth Rushton and Lynn Haworth to the M3 team this year. Beth has been busy developing our Children in Need funded Listening Project (see earlier) and Lynn is our new Charity Development Worker, helping promote the work we do and connecting us with our local communities, supporters and partner agencies.

It’s great to have them on board!

Beth Rushton – The Listening Project

Lynn Haworth – Charity Development Worker

Co-op Community Fund

M3 Project has been successful in a bid for support through the Co-op Local Community Fund. Every time Co-op members shop, 1% of their spend on selected Co-op products and services goes towards the fund, so if you’re a Co-op member you can now choose to support our cause. We will also receive an equal share of the money raised from the sale of carrier bags!

For more details about membership follow the link here and find out more about the project at .