Our Teenage Family service provides the accommodation and support young mums like Courteney need.  But what does that involve?

We follow Jo, Senior Project Worker through a work day…

It’s another busy day for Jo with a house viewing in the morning, a plumber to meet at another property and a support visit planned after lunch. 

The viewing is with Sofie, a young mum to be who has been moving around from friend to friend for months. With just a few weeks before her baby is born, Sofie is relieved to have a place she will be able to call home and get the support she will need.  With the tenancy agreement signed, Jo agrees with Sofie how they will plan her move in and what needs to be done to set up utilities and other services.  It’s going to be a busy time for Jo, but once Sofie is settled in, work can begin on helping Sofie with her support needs around the baby and preparing for moving on to a permanent home of her own.

There’s a quick drive over to meet a plumber who needs access to one of our empty properties to carry out a repair, but as Jo arrives she gets a call from a Social Worker who has arranged an emergency meeting that afternoon.  The emergency meeting is a priority but the planned visit to a young mum is also important, so Jo makes a quick call to the office to check if her colleague Emma can carry out the support visit.  Emma can fit the visit in, which means Jo can return to the office to collect her records before driving over to the emergency meeting.

The work day almost over, Jo makes her final trip back to the office to update her records and has a quick look at her diary to check what’s planned for tomorrow.  No surprises there, it’s another busy day!