Providing a welcoming space, they understand the difference they can make to a young person’s life. Gail told us “I come from a family where I have masses of support and I think sometimes people need an opportunity. I know how difficult it can be for young people to get accommodation. Some of my friends were concerned about who would be coming to stay in my home but by father knew where I was coming from and was very supportive and my brother was fine when I explained it to him”.

Along with our Support Workers, householders encourage the young people placed with them to develop day to day independent living skills, leading to greater independence and helping them to take control of their own lives and move-on to their own accommodation.

We provide a comprehensive training package and have a dedicated Householder Support Worker who will help with any queries. Gail said she found the training at M3 useful, especially as she got to meet another householder who had many years’ experience of providing lodgings on the project.

Our householders receive a weekly amount of £120 and £10 directly from the young person during their stay, but the role means more to them than the financial return. “I get satisfaction from helping someone out who has not had the fortunate upbringing that I had. Unless you are doing a job like this, you don’t know about people who are outside of the system, who are sofa surfing; you just don’t realise that it happens” stated another of our householders.

“If things don’t work out for you when you are 15 or 16, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change things later on to make things better for you. Having a roof over your head is the first step.”
If you wish to enquire about being a Householder for M3, please contact us here or call the project on 01706 216600.